Accessibility at your hands with WhatsMedia

One of a kind system in the world, which allows anyone to enjoy movie theaters and television, with total independence and equality...

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Unique Features

WhatsMedia, offers three systems of inclusive accessibility, which function via free iOS and Android applications, in theaters and television.

  • Easy Installation Exhibitors

    It is extremely easy to install, connect, ready! The user provides the the rest.

  • Inclusive Accessibility

    WhatsMedia offers inclusive accessibility, which is not perceived by anyone else.

  • Our Systems

    One of a kind in the world, offers 3 systems of accessibility: Audio description, sign language and adaptive subtitles.

  • All the Same

    It allows that everyone can equally enjoy the culture and leisure without any distinction nor barrier, all the same...

  • Ample Integration

    WhatsMedia can be integrated in any digital system and television: DCP, Blu-ray, DVD, computer, etc.

  • User Facility

    Secondary screens are not needed, nor portable monitors, it works via a smartphone or tablet!

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The Application WhatsMedia

The WhatsMedia system, on the users’ side, is based on a simple free application, which can be installed in smartphones as in tablets, nothing else is needed to be able to control it!


    To obtain the application via a smartphone, or tablet, one has to access the “Play Store” or “Apple Store”, and search for the WhatsMedia application and download it.


    Once downloaded, the application will install automatically and create a shortcut on the main screen of the smartphone or tablet, staying ready for use.

  • USE

    To use, click the app icon, select the accessibility mode desired. In continuation, one only has to wait for the movie to start to press “Synchronize”, It’s that simple!

Several screens of the WhatsMedia app


The technology of WhatsMedia offers three forms of communication, audio description, subtitles for deaf people and sign language, and it can be applied to any audiovisual content in a simple manner, via our application.


Visual accessibility: Through a sound explanation an explication of characters, colors, positions, forms, situations, details, etc., intercalated between dialogue and narrations.


Auditory accessibility: On-screen display in the smartphones or tablets, the description of dialogue, sound effects and characters in different scenes that is happening in the issue content.

Pantalla de elección de los tres sistemas de accesibilidad de la app de WhatsMedia

Sign Language

Auditory accessibility: visualization on a smartphone or tablet screen, from an interpreter in sign language signaling the content, content environment, from the text talked.


The system can be applied to any content, type of show or cultural event, in a simple and intuitive manner via an application completely free for the user.

Each user enters the application through their own handset (smartphone or tablet) and based on their needs, they can select the accessibility desired to use...

Demo video: Audio description

Demo video: subtitles and sign language

Functionality in television and theaters

The functionality of WhatsMedia’s technology in television as well as in theaters, is extremely easy due to the fact that the system is simple to integrate and use....

Television with representation logotype whatsmedia



    The technology of WhatsMedia in television is stored on the cloud, and works though in-home Wi-Fi, 3G and or 4G.


    WhatsMedia creates apps tailored to each television and channel, those who are included in the accessibility content catalog. Inside each one of them are the three systems of accessibility: audio-description, sign language and adaptive subtitles.


    When users want to enjoy the accessible content, it must be activated on the television and access the application. Afterwards, the downloaded accessibility must be synchronized. The application will listen 10 seconds of audio from the television and will launch the selected accessibility at the exact moment where its located.



    Both smartphones and tablets must have a full battery and the application WhatsMedia previously downloaded at the moment of use in theaters. Next, the application needs to be opened, connect to a Wi-Fi signal without a password from the theater, select the accessibility desired and wait for the beginning of the movie for synchronization, then enjoy!


    The integration of accessibility for its operation in theaters is really simple. WhatsMedia installs in theaters an equipment that acts as a server with the software integrated, and a router which gives coverage to each theater. For each movie premiere, we send the theater a corresponding accessibility package, which it only needs to be integrated in the server through USB or VPN, in that moment it’s ready for use, it’s that simple!

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WhatsMedia is the American branch of WhatsCine, a Spanish institution, with the collaboration of University Carlos III of Madrid, which began in 2013. Since the beginning we have had and we have the firm intention to eliminate the great difficulties of cultural leisure.
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Accessibility is a right not a privilege